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Mr. VB's Help Schedule: 

This schedule is for Sept 2016 to Jan 2017

Before School:  I am often organizing my day in the morning and therefore may not be able to help you before school.  However, if my door is open, you are welcome to come in, and see if I have a minute.  If not, you are free to work in my classroom still.

Lunch:  I definitely make exceptions but am not officially available for help at lunch.  My door is usually open though, and you may come in to work on your math homework.  I may even help you if you have been using class time well, and can't come any other time.

AFTER SCHOOL:  I generally am available after school until 3:30 pm Mon-Thurs. and making an appointment is always the best way to make sure I'm there for you.  PLEASE NOTE:  this semester (Fall 2016), I am in meetings every Monday and two Thursdays per month, making Tuesday & Wednesdays the best days to see me.

 Who to go to when Mr. VB is not available: 

LSS Math teachers are often available for extra help in their classrooms outside of their teaching schedules. Students who require extra math help should always seek it from their own math teacher first, preferably by appointment. However, if their teacher is not available at a given time, a student may ask other math teachers for help. Please use the schedule below to see which teachers have made themselves available as a "second choice".

This schedule is not available at this moment.  Please refer to the schedule on my door.



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